We recommend hanging the city map as a poster on the wall in your home. When you have guests visiting, you can play a quick case with them. If you continue to recommend our game to friends and family, with a little patience, there will be more cases and new cities appearing soon!

Until then, you can pass the time by finding and solving a few additional puzzles that are hidden across the city, for example:


Harry bought a book at the newspaper kiosk in the north of the city, after which he was never seen again. What happened to him?

An Exciting Book

It seems it must have been an unbelievably exciting story. Harry strolled across town without being able to take his eyes off the book. It happened in the south-west: Fixated reading, Harry didn't spot the open manhole cover and must have fallen into it. (The book washed through the sewage and into the harbour... He must be stuck in the drains somewhere.)


A man was pushed into the water on the riverbank. Why was he pushed?

A Slight Overreaction

The man had gone for a spin in his little convertible. In the city centre, he got into an argument with a moped driver. He must have seriously angered the moped driver because he was chased across the city and pushed into the water from behind.


Outside the riverside café, a man named Gerry Garbow turns to a police officer. His bagwas stolen! Where are the perpetrators?

The Thieving Couple

It happened at the market square: Gerry was briefly distracted by a rose seller when the thief struck. The two obviously work together. He disappeared in an inconspicuous car, but their trail can be followed. She took the bus to the old watchtower. There the two accomplices met to share their spoils.


A mother has reported her baby missing! She was with the child at the hairdressers in the north of the city. A short time later near the nightclub, she noticed her baby had disappeared from the pram! What did the baby get up to on its journey?

A Day Full of Experiences

The mother met a friend in front of the health food store. The baby climbed out of the pram while they were deep in conversation.

On his wondrous journey, the baby
• drank wine in the beer garden
• had coffee at the market
• stole cheese
• gave the cheese to a dog
• took the number 5 metro line
• got a balloon
• gave away the balloon
• got a sausage
• gave the sausage to a homeless person
• celebrated at the carnival party

After the baby had enough of its adventures, the baby took the bus to the watchtower and went home. There it met with its completely distraught mother, who of course felt a massive sense of relief at finally being reunited.